Jim Corbett

Jim is an author, heart revival coach, teacher, and encourager for those who choose to sell out to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As a watchman with a prophetic anointing, his heart mission is to bring people to an understanding of the times and seasons they live in and help lead them to be all they can be in Christ.

“I believe that forty years in ministry has prepared us for such a time as this when business as usual Christianity has become ineffective and powerless. Our books, blogs, and our global online radio station Praydio.com proclaim loud and clear that there’s a need for the church to realize God is calling for a vibrant, wholly separated, deeply committed people that will represent Him properly as His ambassadors.

“He is tugging at the hearts of those who see intimacy with Him as their biggest need. His desire is to equip the body of Christ to compassionately and confidently share the life of Jesus with those who are wide-eyed with questions and fear—both in and outside the body of Christ. This season is a time to actually become who we have claimed to be all along. I’m convinced that if the body of Christ will live a life of continual repentance and submission to God, we will experience a truly amazing relationship with Him that will bring Him glory and give those around us an accurate picture of Who He is.”

Merry Corbett

Merry is an accomplished pianist, composer/orchestrator, worship leader, and writer. Her heart mission is to encourage believers in discovering the wonder and truth available in the opportunity presented to everyone because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Equally important is her desire to see the integrity and love of Jesus formed in His church as they wholeheartedly commit to His Lordship.


Jubilee Corbett
Vice President/Administration

Jubilee has been brought up to live on the amazing faithfulness of a very personal Father God. She has a passion to see young girls and women find their identity in Christ. “Full sway” is a motto the Lord continues to impress on her heart as she continually seeks to keep her heart surrendered to Him.

She’s a singer-songwriter, worship leader, blogger, barn girl, investor in people, and friend. Her heart longs for people to know fully the wealth and hope they have in Christ.

Ross Fritschka
Media/IT Director

Ross, a life long Christian, has been in the Media and IT profession for over 30 years.  He is a devoted father of 3 Children and 2 Grand Children.

He has a passion for bringing Christ back in to the hearts and minds of as many people as he can by using today's technology.  He is excited and truly honored to be part of an amazing cause, TFRC and Praydio.com.

Kevin Bush

Far more than being an amazing musician, recording artist and production master, Kevin is a man who’s heart for Jesus quietly brings life to those around him. He is a good, valiant man of God, and that quiet reliable friend and team member  in the corner praying for your best interests.

Rachel and Andrew Hedblom

Rachel is a pianist, worship leader, wife, mother, ardent computer researcher and media communicator, and enthusiast of life. She loves to encourage and invest in those around her.
Her heart mission is to take the giftings God has given her and use them for His glory! She strives to put Jesus first in everything she does and let His love shine through her.

Andrew, Rachel’s husband, joins her in worship leading and spending time with their family. Although his main workload is outside the home, he is a vital part of helping Rachel with the technicalities of using the computer and the production of audio/visual presentations for The Family Rescue Campaign. His heart is to encourage, help, and serve the Lord wherever he can.

Tom Hooper

Tom is a husband, father of 3 boys, and a servant. He's a guitar player, worship director, and loves to be outdoors or sharing the Gospel through technology. His heart mission is to encourage others, invest in young people, and seek deeper intimacy with the Lord's heart daily.